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Updated: Feb 23

What do you think your dreams mean?

After DREAM INTERPRETATION, what do you know think your dreams mean?

How has your understanding of your dreams or dream elements changed?

The following is a dream that I had about three weeks ago. Though no dream is fully interpreted nor truthfully guaranteed to be on the correct path, more than most over time with constant course corrections you do get there eventually.

“This dream had 3 separate components. The first component is I was sitting directly across from my Mom playing a card game..”

I won the game. It was my turn. I put a ten on her pile of cards, which was

allowed for a possible number of reasons. All I knew was that I only

had the Wild card and that I was surely going to win the game. Next

time it was my turn, I triumphantly put down the Wild card near her

card pile. I had won the game.

The next component was that from my seat, I threw a card (like ninja- style in the horizonatl— like a Chinese star) and hit a brick wall like 25-30 feet away. There might have might have been a row of not-that- high bushes in front of the brick wall. My chinese-star card hit the wall above the bushes.

The third component is that I was still sitting at the table opposite my

Mother. Under the table, were all face up a lot of cards all haphazard on

the floor. Nearby you could see the bottom of a chain link fence with

the sharp metal point ends.

Interpretation of this Dream

So you know Freudian dreams are interpreted in parts. Each component is free-associated and then brought back in this analyzed form fit in as a separate puzzle piece to the other components which are free associated analyzed as well. Thus the manifest dream (what is

on the surface) serves as a skeletal body in which to bring the components together and piece together what the manifest dream really means, which is called the latent dream.

So now lets look at the first component of the dream. By the way, inside the dream is also some sort of the previous day’s residues or things or ideas that are thought about. They serve as another component or perhaps impetus of the dream.

1st stage of the dream:

Playing cards with my Mom—>In fact, I was visiting my Mom and Stepfather in Florida. And one the things I greatly enjoyed while down there was playing cards with her. We played gin.

Sitting across from her—>I in fact was sitting to the left of her. Sometimes I could see her cards because of the way we sat next to each other. Seeing some of her cards bothered me. I wish we could have set across from each other.

It was my turn. I had two cards left. In some way, I was able to put a ten on her pile—> I think the ten has meaning but I have no idea. However, it reminded me of the way Crazy 8’s is played. A game likened by the evilest person in my life. My Mom’s ex-husband. He was an idiot and the only game he liked to play was a stupid brain-less game like Crazy 8’s.

I had a wild card left and so I knew once it was my turn again to go, I would automatically win—>Again, wild card is like having an 8, popular strategy to end this game is to have your last card an 8. I won the game. I won my Mom in the end. Not my evil step-father. She chose

me over him in the end.

*I was a winner in this important aspect of life.

2nd part of the dream:

I threw a card from where I was sitting (chinese ninja card style..i.e the way someone tries to toss a card into a box, etc.). towards a brick wall which was quite a distance from me—>

I was reminded of Matt Damon, the genius, in Good Will Hunting. My memory, though it might be wrong, was that Matt Damon (perhaps as a night janitor at MIT, sat in a hallway, back to a wall and was flipping cards into a cardboard box. When I went to college, I was regarded as a genius as well but I quickly fell apart into severe mental illness. Mat with therapist help became a winner and went after his girl. I had no such luck. Here it strikes me that there is a similarity between Robin Williams and someone dear in my family who failed me. I will skip this component. So Matt Damon got help and succeeded where I failed with the help I got.

*I was a loser here. I tried, but I failed and others failed to help me. Matt Damon succeeded where I failed. Plus the dealers person in my life other than my Mom is named Mat. He too relative to me succeeded where I failed. Mat too tried to help me, but again I failed.

**So you know there is more here I could have expressed about myself and others, but I can’t step over too many bounds with others.

3rd part of the dream:

Back to me sitting next to my Mom. The focus is shifted back from throwing the card to the brick wall back to sitting across the table from my Mom. I never left the table.

Under the table, there are these cards lying face in an haphazard fashion—>Under the table—>With this aspect, it would be too self-inflicting to tell the reader what I think it really means. Just trust that it is really powerful.

The cards are lying next to the wiry pointy part of a metal fence—>This aspect of a metal fence should be at the top. On the bottom of the fence, there should be a metal rod. Thus the fence metal structure (or the fencing) is constructed upside down. I always have had trouble climbing fences and getting over the top because of the wiry metal points, but now the flat rod will be at the top. So I can jump the fence now successfully, something I have always had trouble doing in real life. I can now turn my life around and be successful.

*Turn my life around and be successful which is something I have always desperately wanted and now achieving.

Once again, mostly in part 3, I could have elaborated more, but it would have been too self-harming. In fact, Part 2, might need some editing. But one thing an educated dreamer will find out, dreams deal with the darkest and most important of areas in one’s life.

Short dream element dated the night of January 22nd:

Of course, one dreams throughout the night, and this is only one small element which I remembered from the past night.


I had been terribly depressed for days. Real bad. I knew not the reason. That morning either upon waking up or during my daily self-analysis I remember a tid-bit of a dream element. Desireen, my Mom’s and my stepfather Don’s favorite nurse came down with Covid. But what could this mean.

Well real quickly I realized it was a huge wish-full element (which all dreams deep down are) that because she was sick, I was needed to go back down to Florida and take care of my parents.

Instantly, my horrible drepression was lifted. I forgot that every time I leave my dear Mom I get horribly depressed and I had just left them a few days previously from Florida. The depression happens every time. And one day I won’t have her. The depression was worse than ever because I don’t have anybody to lean on right now. I live in Winston- Salem on my own. So on top of my required loneliness, I have the extra burden of leaving my loving and safe parents.

But as I said, the horrible depression was lifted once the dream element was realized and quickly analyzed.

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